Investment Thesis

Motobyo is changing the used car buying and selling experience forever. Doing what no one else has done. Doing what no one else can do.

The retail automotive market has been evolving, developing and improving over the last 40 years, albeit incrementally.

Dealerships continue to improve in every way. Dealer store fronts are more appealing, more approachable. Service and servicing have made dramatic strides. Focus on the customer and establishing a lifetime relationship are priorities.

The Market

At the heart of these enhancements are capabilities such as the abundance and use of data as well as new and better technologies as enablers. And, online capabilities have increased substantially, giving consumers more control and more access to improve the overall experience. But, what has not changed in the industry is where the consumer stands relative to buying, trading in or selling a vehicle. The deck is not stacked in their favor. The value equation is not to their advantage in any way. There is no advocate on their side. And, in the case of private party consumers the industry as a whole has generally ignored this consumer. Only the most dedicated “DIY” consumers take on the challenge. Information and guidance is limited. Access to normal dealer tools such as warranty protection, financing and insurance coverage is extremely difficult. And yet, despite the obstacles there are 13M+ private party sales annually. They’re painful. They’re time-consuming and slow. But, they happen. And, they are a significant under-served opportunity in the industry today.

About Motobyo

Motobyo was founded by automotive experts with more than 50 years of experience buying and selling used vehicles. Having founded one of the original online used car dealerships (eimports) they have years of insight into the challenges faced by private party buyers and sellers. Their online vehicle selling experience which includes transacting vehicles through the “early days” eBay platform is the foundation of the principles developed to create Motobyo.

The result is a business model that targets the private party opportunity by providing the industry's only complete, ONLINE, end to end solution. The Motobyo platform, along with the proprietary technology advantage, provides consumers with the information, tools and guidance to confidently navigate their way through the transaction. And, Motobyo's process is inclusive for automotive providers to participate in financing, warranty protection, insurance coverage, title & registration processing and car delivery.

Investment Opportunity

Participating in and taking advantage of the next huge value creation opportunity and last untapped automotive market segment of consumers, inventory and associated products and services.

The automotive industry along with the public markets and private investors have demonstrated that disruptors, “code breakers” and innovators have significant value. The Motobyo opportunity is THAT opportunity. There is meaningful value creation potential given Motobyo’s growth prospects and groundbreaking industry impact. There is also additional opportunity for each investor to benefit through the commercial opportunities created by the Motobyo platform.

The industry is going through its next transformative period. Online transacting will continue to be more relevant and prevalent. Unlocking access to all the activities related to the private party consumer will be part of that transformation. Now is the time. Motobyo is the catalyst.

Institutional Investors

In cases where the Institution is also an investor in associated auto companies that can provide supporting services for Motobyo’s value proposition, the Institution can realize the incremental value created by the partnership between Motobyo and their automotive company.

Automotive Partners

Potential automotive partners that are involved in automotive maintenance & repair, auto financing, warranty protection, insurance, etc. are all likely investors in this initiative. A Motobyo investment and partnership drives new customers to our partner, generating incremental revenue and providing the partner with the opportunity to develop a lifetime relationship with the consumer.


Dealers have the opportunity to serve as a Buying Center for Motobyo participating in the instant cash offer transaction for vehicle sellers. In this instance, the Dealer gets access to used car inventory never previously available. And, they also have a new car sales opportunity with those consumers.

Investment Inquiries

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