Sell Your Car

Selling your car shouldn’t be complicated. That’s why we offer two hassle-free ways to easily and safely sell your car.

Instant Cash Offer: Using our Instant Cash Offer tool, simply describe your vehicle accurately and get a guaranteed cash offer in minutes. Drop your car off at one of our participating local buying centers and leave with cash in hand.

Auction My Car: Using our step-by-step process, list your car for an auction to get what your car is actually worth. Receive bids from verified private buyers and make personally selling your car fast, simple and hassle-free! Auctions start at $99 and include a complimentary Certified Inspection.

What's my car worth?
The best way to value your vehicle is to use our Instant Cash Offer tool. Standard book value sites only offer opinion prices, while we work up-to-the-minute transactional data to provide you with a real time offer good for up to 10 days.
Can I get a book value on Motobyo?
Unfortunately, we do not offer generic book values. Our proprietary pricing algorithms calculate exact cash offer values and projected market values based on actual market conditions.
How long is my Instant Cash Offer valid for?
10 days. We make the offer valid for this long to give you time to make an informed decision. Also, you have time to auction your vehicle to the public and try to maximize your return. If your auction isn’t successful, you still have a valid cash offer to redeem.
How is my Instant Cash Offer different than a book value?
We guarantee your Instant Cash Offer for up to 10 days to give you time to make an informed decision as well as list your car for an auction to the public to try to maximize your return, if you choose. If your auction isn’t successful, you still have a valid cash offer to redeem.
How is my Instant Cash Offer different from a book value?
Simply put, a book value is just an opinion. On the contrary, our Instant Cash Offer is an actual offer that can be redeemed through one of our participating buying centers for quick cash in hand.
Is my Instant Cash Offer guaranteed?
As long as you’ve described your vehicle properly, yes.
As a seller, can I use my own inspection shop to check out the vehicle before I put it up for sale?
Unfortunately, no. The most important aspect of this inspection is that it is 100% independent. Our buyers need to know that they can rely on an unbiased inspection to be performed by the most reputable shops in the industry.
What is I owe more than my car is worth?
In this case, you’ll need the cash difference available at the time that your vehicle sells. If you do not have this cash on-hand, simply delay selling your vehicle until you have it available
What if my car doesn’t sell on my auction?
You have many choices here. You can 1. Redeem your Instant Cash Offer, 2. Re-estimate the value and re-list the vehicle, or 3. Contact your top bidders and offer them the vehicle now.