Payment Protection

Breathe easy knowing that all your transactions are safe and secure. Not only do we keep your money protected during the sale, but we also verify all buyers and sellers using the same third-party company that is trusted by American Express. We handle the vetting so you can concentrate on the more important getting that new car!
What is payment protection?
Our Payment Protection service is a safety net for any buyer or seller who would like us to securely handle the funds for their transaction. If a seller has a loan on the vehicle, then Payment Protection is mandatory so that we can verify that the loan has been satisfied.
Why use Payment Protection?
This service is important for anyone not comfortable with exchanging cash in person when they buy or sell a vehicle. You can eliminate any risk involved by letting us securely handle the transfer of funds. This service is also very helpful for long distance transactions, loan payoffs and more.
What is I owe more than my car is worth?
In this case, you’ll need the cash difference available at the time that your car sells. If you do not have this cash on hand, simply delay selling your vehicle until you have it available.
What if I have a loan and I owe less than the auction value estimate?
If you have a current loan on your vehicle, you must use the Payment Protection service. This service will collect payment for the vehicle from the buyer, pay off your loan balance with your bank and pay you the remaining balance.
When should a seller use payment protection?
Anytime you have a loan on your vehicle and you do not have the title in hand, or would prefer us to securely handle the funds for your transaction.