Certified Inspections

We want you to bid with confidence on a new used car, which is why we offer complimentary comprehensive inspections from trusted certified shops, including Midas, Meineke and others. The expert service techs will check out each car from top to bottom and provide a full independent inspection report that is viewable right on the vehicle listing. By going above and beyond a basic inspection, you can rest easy knowing that your new car, SUV, truck or sedan is ready to hit the road whenever you are.
Does Motobyo guarantee vehicle inspections?
We rely on professional, independent 3rd party inspection facilities with trusted names in the inspection business and stand behind their inspection process.
As a seller, can I use my own inspection shop to check out my car before I put it up for sale?
Unfortunately, no. The most important aspect of this inspection is that it is 100% independent. Our buyers need to know that they can rely on an unbiased inspection to be performed by the most reputable shops in the industry.
As a buyer, can I rely on the estimate provided for necessary repairs?
Yes, these repair estimates are provided by trusted certified shops who stand behind them.
What if a vehicle is listed for sale without an inspection report attached?
It's not uncommon to have a day or two delay in having the vehicle inspected. A bidder is always free to contact the seller to ask them questions about the vehicle or the schedule for having the inspection completed.