Buy a Car

We make it easy to find the car you want for the price you love. Because we know that safety matters, we verify every seller using the same technology employed by American Express, VRBO and other top rated companies. We take it one step further to ensure your security by offering Payment Protection, Vehicle History Reports, Independent Vehicle Inspections and other features to keep the marketplace safe and give you the peace of mind you deserve.
What is a private party sale?
A private party sale is the vehicle sale between a private buyer and a private seller. No auto dealerships or other professional sellers or buyers are involved.
Can I buy a car now and not wait until the end of the auction?
You absolutely can, however it will be up to the owner of the vehicle to accept your offer prior to the end of auction. Simply send them a message to discuss the options!
What if the seller does not have the title?
Payment Protection will be required if the seller has an auto loan and does not have the title. The buyer will remit payment for the vehicle directly to Motobyo and our Payment Protection department will handle the loan payoff and settlement with the seller. There is no cost to the buyer for this service.
How often do you post new vehicles?
Our inventory is changing hourly so be sure to check back to find your new car!
Is there a fee to purchase a vehicle on Motobyo?
No. There are no auctions fees, final value fees or other fees to simply make a purchase.